Caring for Mirrangbamurn — The Maribyrnong River and Waterways Association

An integrated and living natural entity, the Maribyrnong (Mirrangbamurn) River and its catchment represents a vital element of Melbourne's ecosystem, culture, and community in its journey from source to sea. The Maribyrnong River and Waterways Association (MRWA) are a passionate community of people who are a strong, independent voice for the river they love.

People naturally congregate near waterways, whether it be for picnicking, engaging in exercise, fishing, or enjoying a moment of peaceful contemplation. Waterways are also essential habitat for many species and communities of native animals and plants.

The Maribyrnong River and Waterways Association (MRWA) is a community-based organisation dedicated to fostering a sustainable and thriving environment for both present and future generations. They recognise that the rivers, creeks and wetlands in the catchment are essential to maintaining ecological integrity and are intrinsically important to Aboriginal culture and the well-being of the everyone in the community.

“Choosing to save a river is more an act of passion than of careful calculation. You make the choice because the river has touched your life in intimate and irreversible ways, because you are unwilling to accept its loss.” 

- David Bolling

As stewards of the river and its waterways the Association has produced a wonderful video that showcases the beauty of waterways in the catchment. It and shares the perspectives of elders in conversation together about the river and highlights the activities members of the community are undertaking to care for the river they love.

“So many beautiful memories I’ve got of this place.” 

– Uncle Dave Wandin, Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Elder

Enjoy this wonderful 15-minute video that tells the story of the importance of the waterways in the Maribyrnong catchment to Aboriginal Australians and the local community.

WATCH - Maribyrnong, Mirrangbamurn: Maribyrnong River and Waterways Association

Links to the Healthy Waterways Strategy – Maribyrnong Catchment

This video showcases the ecological and social values of waterways in the Maribyrnong Catchment. It highlights the great work being done by the Maribyrnong River and Waterways Association to advocate and care for the river and support the performance objectives in the Healthy Waterways Strategy such as maintaining and increasing riparian vegetation, reducing agricultural run-off, increasing community participation, along with other activities and work to improve the health of the Maribyrnong Catchment.