Healthy Waterways Strategy

A vision for the health of rivers, estuaries and wetlands in the Port Phillip and Westernport region

About the Healthy Waterways Strategy

The Healthy Waterways Strategy provides a single framework for addressing community expectations and the obligations for waterway management, as outlined in relevant State, national and international legislation, policy and agreements. It builds on a long-term regional vision for waterway health.

For each of the five major catchments within the Port Phillip and Westernport region (Werribee, Maribyrnong, Yarra, Dandenong and Westernport), this Strategy provides detailed, catchment-specific visions, goals, long-term targets (10 to 50 years), and 10-year performance objectives. Effort and investment at catchment and sub-catchment levels are prioritised and aligned to ensure they contribute to broader, regional goals and outcomes.

Healthy Waterways Strategy Documents

Healthy Waterways Strategy

16.8 MB (PDF)

The Healthy Waterways Strategy is the overarching planning document for the management of rivers, wetlands and estuaries in the Port Phillip and Westernport region aiming to ensure their value to the community is protected and improved, taking a 50-year outlook. This document provides the context for the Strategy, outlines the methodology for its development, and summarises the performance objectives for the five major catchments.

Healthy Waterways Strategy (accessible version)

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Resource Document NEW!

10.6 MB (PDF)

This technical reference documents the methods and approaches, assumptions and limitations relevant to the development of the Strategy.

Coming soon: Engagement and Collabotation Summary

Engagement and Collaboration Summary

This summary contains a record of the engagement activities, collaborative efforts and feedback that have shaped this Healthy Waterways Strategy.

Co-Designed Catchment Programs

Adaptive programs have been collaboratively designed for each of the five major catchments. These programs will be reviewed and updated over the 10-year life of the Strategy to reflect changes in catchment condition, progress of works, and to respond flexibly to emerging opportunities or challenges.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement Framework

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The Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement (MERI) Framework outlines monitoring requirements for all targets (i.e. key value and waterway condition) and the regional and sub-catchment performance objectives in the Healthy Waterways Strategy and the Co-Designed Catchment Programs. The MERI Framework will include detailed Monitoring and Evaluation Plans (MEPs) for the targets, and the performance objectives for each of the three ecosystem types – rivers, wetlands and estuaries. The MERI Framework will span the full 10 years of the strategy implementation and provide an end-of-Strategy review to guide a refresh of the strategy in 2028.

The MERI Framework is a collaborative plan in line with the co-delivery model of the strategy. A number of partner organisations, community groups and individuals will contribute data and information, and contribute to evaluations as prescribed in the MERI Framework or the detailed Monitoring and Evaluation Plans.

Regional Performance Objective Monitoring Summaries

* A note on accessible documents: We will have accessible Microsoft Word versions of these documents available in November 2020.

Healthy Waterways Strategy Report Card

This site is the web-based reporting platform of the Healthy Waterways Strategy. Due for its annual reporting cycle in late 2020, the Healthy Waterways Strategy Report Card will provide an interactive experience for exploring how the Port Phillip and Westernport region’s, catchments, rivers, wetlands and estuaries are faring, according to the targets of the Strategy.

The annual Report Card will show progress towards short-term targets (performance objectives), as well as reporting the current state of waterway conditions and key values.

Healthy Waterways Strategy Interactive Report Card